HDD & Pipeline Specific Services

We’re here to help develop and execute an environmental plan for your drilling site. Throughout the life of your project you’ll need a plan to meet regulatory requirements for waste disposal, ensure ongoing production doesn’t harm your surroundings and then close out by returning your site to its original condition through reclamation and remediation.

Our Solutions

HDD and Pipeline Specific Services

  • HDD Drilling Waste Management Plan Development
  • Watercourse Turbidity Monitoring
  • Frac-out Planning and/or Response

Specialized Production Testing

  • Hydrocarbon Dewpoint (Pipeline/Process)
  • Water Dewpoint (Pipeline/Process)
  • Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) determination by Tube and Tutwiler

Production Fluid Testing

  • Gas sampling
  • Condensate sampling
  • LPG sampling
  • NGL sampling
  • Oil sampling
  • Produced water sampling