Top 10 Reasons to Choose Nor-Alta For Your Next Project


Integrated Services

Nor-Alta has the expertise to effectively manage all aspects of Drilling Waste Management and Disposal. Our staff is trained in multiple fields allowing them to “see the big picture” and perform cross-functional tasks without the need to dispatch additional personnel. Key environmental personnel with training, experience and knowledge of the entire scope of work provides customers with greater efficiency and cost-savings.


Proactive Approach

Our team is always looking for areas to help you take a proactive approach to regulatory compliance and the increasing need to demonstrate greater environmental responsibility. With a holistic view of what needs to be done, we’re able to mitigate risks and recommend solutions in advance.


Network of Experts

With over 30 years in the environmental consulting business, Nor-Alta has built up a high quality network of specialists. We have working relationships with Pipeline Transmission Companies, Pipeline Construction Contractors, Horizontal Directional Drilling Contractors, Engineering Firms, Oil & Gas Exploration Companies, and Third Party Contractors and Consultants. The result is the ability to manage all aspects of a project.


The Right Locations

Our experienced personnel are located throughout Alberta to better serve our clients. While our head office is located in Edmonton, we also have consultants based in Grande Prairie, Drayton Valley, Medicine Hat, Lloydminster and Calgary areas.



Strength in completing a project comes from experience and past exposure. We’ve been involved in the drilling waste management industry for over 30 years, from managing drilling waste off of conventional drilling rigs to Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) for pipelines and utilities.  In fact, we were one of the first drilling waste contractors in the province to oversee and advise HDD contractors on how to manage and dispose drilling waste material.


Always Evolving

When you choose Nor-Alta, you’re choosing an experienced partner who recognizes the need to be constantly evolving along with technology and environmental, economical, regulatory and social responsibilities. By continually seeking out expertise and partners, we’re able to provide the highest quality end-to-end services in one place—so you can focus on results instead of managing multiple suppliers.



We aim to deliver value through successful projects that build and maintain the confidence of all stakeholders, including the general public. To prove this value, we establish, maintain and document an ongoing history of regulatory compliance to demonstrate environmental responsibility and due diligence. Proper drilling management (and documentation) can also greatly reduce future reclamation and remediation costs contributing to ROI.



With the guidance of the ISO 9001:2008-Quality Management Systems standard, we guarantee consistent quality across all services provided by our professional staff. We’ve also developed an integrated program of quality control and assurance that is in place during all operations.


Customers Like Us

Our entire team is dedicated to your success. Throughout each project our supervisors maintain open communication with you. This provides opportunities for feedback and improvements along the way as well as the foundation to build meaningful long-term relationships with our clients.


Commitment to Safety

We work hard to ensure the health and safety of our personnel, clients, community and the environment, throughout all of Nor-Alta’s operations. Our safety record proves the success of the health and safety practices we have in place.